Taming the Untamed
Simplify compliance, mitigate risk, and unlock growth for your exchange.
Are you a Web3 exchange navigating the regulatory rodeo? Juggling KYC/AML checks, suspicious activity monitoring, and smart contract audits while battling operational costs? Wrangle your compliance challenges and ride into a secure future with a powerful Risk and Compliance platform.
Full Compliance Suite
Know Your Transaction (KYT), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Cybersecurity – we've got you covered. Monitor, identify and remediate collaboratively to achieve the highest regulatory standards.
Real-time Intelligence
Gain real-time behavioral insights into your client funds. Identify potentially suspicious activities and prevent fraud with advanced analytics.
Smart contracts, bulletproofed
Catch vulnerabilities before they exploit your ecosystem with automated audits and continuous monitoring.
Streamlined Governance
Define user roles and permissions, track access and activity, and automate policy enforcement for seamless control and accountability.
Data-driven insights
Generate customized reports, visualize key metrics, and gain actionable insights to optimize your risk management strategy.
Multi-chain Coverage
Stay ahead of curve with the multi-chain coverage, including L2s.
Proof of Reserves as a Service
Certify the balance on your addresses to prove your funds at all times.

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