Elevate your services with instant, automated risk checks – all without compromising speed or customer experience.
Neobanks, are you struggling to ensure compliance and prevent fraud for your offerings while keeping transactions smooth and fast? Are manual checks slowing you down and exposing you to fraud? It's time to embrace the power of automated, intelligent security.
Seamless Compliance
Instantly assess the risk associated with the users before funds are deposited to their debit card. Preconfigured policies flag sanctioned wallets and those linked to fraudulent activities, including mixers and money laundering.
Real-Time Fraud Detection
Go beyond static checks. Our AI-powered system continuously monitors wallets for suspicious activity, even if initially deemed safe. Stop fraud in its tracks before it impacts your customers.
Zero Transaction Delays
Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for lightning-fast risk assessments. No more manual checks, or delays, just instant peace of mind.
Double-Spend Prevention
Say goodbye to accidental (or intentional) double-spending. Our advanced system identifies and stops conflicting transactions before they can impact you.
Scalable and Customizable
As your business grows, our solution scales accordingly. Customize your policies and risk profiles to fit your specific needs and regulations.
Proof of Reserves as a Service
Certify the balance on your addresses to prove your funds at all times.

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