Proprietary AI
We've built our proprietary AI, ensuring exceptional user experience and proactive protection. Our advanced machine learning constantly scans for anomalies, letting users identify potential threats in real time. And what's even better? The customer-trainable ML model adapts to your unique needs with reinforced learning for curated detection. With Web3Firewall, you get top-notch security and a user-friendly experience – all powered by our innovative technology.
No-Code Policy Deployment with Localized Rulesets
Our intuitive interface empowers you to configure and customize risk and compliance policy templates to perfectly fit your organization's needs. These policies offer localized, pre-defined rules aligned with industry standards and evolving regulatory frameworks, such as AML and KYC.
Guaranteed Client Data Privacy
Our client data, including PII, remains entirely private during AI model training thanks to our proprietary artificial intelligence. No compromises - accountability meets privacy for ultimate data protection so that our users maintain complete control and regulatory compliance with the privacy-preserving AI.
Policies with Built-in Workflow Engine
Our built-in workflow engine simplifies complex risk management and compliance processes, automates repetitive tasks, and eliminates manual errors. Built for the dynamic nature of Web3, our workflows adapt to your evolving risk landscape, ensuring continuous compliance.
Web3 Transaction Monitoring
Our platform simulates transaction outcomes to enhance actionable insights. Web3Firewall Enterprise is the most advanced simulator on the market that allows users to augment the present to ensure a safe future of a transaction with high precision.
Certified Audit Trails
Our platform generates comprehensive reports that can be provided to auditors, proving compliance with local regulations. We achieve accountability through certification and tamper-proof logs.

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